I received my Toyo PROXES TQ today even though I have purchased them before, but I just noticed something I thought was odd with them

They have an asymmetric design but since they're not corner or side specific the tread runs opposite on one side compared to the other. Which I think is not best idea. I bought the 315/35/17. I went around looking at photos of other cars running them and they're all like that


Now I'm kinda impressed with the cheap Federal SS 595's I bought for the front. They're 275/40/17. I usually by this type type in front to help cut a trail in wet weather so rear DR's have less water to deal with. I usually get the Sumitomo HTR II's with a similar tread pattern for around $100 I got the Federal's for 90. I just found some Riken Raptors for $80 with similar design. I might have bought those if I would have found them first, but federal's are nice for the price and seem to manufactured well. Plus maybe it's me but they seem to run wide for a 275?

Federal SS 595"S

Here's a pic of the Riken Raptor's