They car hasn't been on the road much for the last couple years due to a lot of little things that needed address.

In the last month I have rebuilt the supercharger, new belt, changed oil and trans fluid. I have new tires and wheels on the way and put in a new battery last week. removed and painted the intercooler pipes black. Cleaned up the engine bay, painted some rusty brackets, and changed the fuel filter. I also cleaned and re-oiled the air filter. I just had the tags renewed and when the new tires so up I'll get it inspected. It has a 2015 on it now lol. I also cleaned up all the chassis grounds. I also redesigned my PCV/catch can set and located the catch can in better spot. I'm also doing some repairs on hood.

I drove it on the back roads every few weeks to keep it running well the last couple years. I figure within a couple weeks I should have it legal and on the road. I'm getting excited because it's been so long since I've able to go out and enjoy the car.

A couple pics of the engine bay. Please forgive poor redneck engineering.

I'm getting deep dish FR500's 17x10.5" and 17x9" wheels black with a polished lip. I'll be running some 315/35/17 Toyo PROXES TQ's in the rear and Some cheap Federal SS 595's 275/40/17 in the front.

Toyo DR's

Cheap Federal SS 595's