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Thread: Yes it was worth it

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    Default Yes it was worth it

    I had added duel exhaust to the mustang and somehow a break line got messed up.
    Using only regular tools no torches or anything like that I removed the brake line.
    I wiped it off, It looked like new. I cut 2" off of it and reflaired and reinstalled it.
    So how many cars over 20 years old that have been driven year round from
    around here could you do that to? So yes flying to Florida and driving back
    with my (new to me) daily driver was worth it. It seems like rust is something
    that you just can't overcome when your working on a car.
    Working on a older used car isn't to bad when it rust free.
    I was checking out the emergency cables they look new also. So glad I made that trip.
    Just pull the trigger and let it go,, This will work trust me. But,,you may want wear safety glasses

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    Default Re: Yes it was worth it

    My father in law bought a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee from a salvage yard in near Gainesville FL where he lives. It has 274,000 miles showing on the odometer. He brought it up here and left it so he would have something to drive while he is here during the summers. I took it over to the shop and asked our alignment guy to line it up for me after work. He was concerned about everything being rusted up. I don't think he has ever worked on a vehicle that has spent its whole life outside the salt belt. He was amazed that he could turn the tie rod adjuster sleeves with his bare hands after he loosened the pinch clamps. Everything I've done on that Jeep is the same way, no rusty bolts anywhere. So I agree that buying a southern vehicle is well worth it.

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