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Thread: Need some advice on selling some mustang parts

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    Default Need some advice on selling some mustang parts

    I have a 1997 mustang gt that took a good hit in the right front (Ouch) this was a really nice all original GT
    even the mufflers were factory stock 144,000 but the owner was really into the maintenance thing and it
    had only had synthetic oil used since new,, on and on,, 460 stereo tape deck and cd all still there
    all black interior leather power seat. (not to bad of shape) -- air bags pooped -- was automatic

    So part it out?? or sell it as a whole wrecked car?

    I drove hundreds of miles to buy this car it was that nice = nice parts

    AWW NUTS i just noticed that this post is in the wrong spot it should be under main
    this is what happens when you selfmedicate

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    Just pull the trigger and let it go,, This will work trust me. But,,you may want wear safety glasses

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