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Thread: Inspection Help in Morgantown

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    Do any of you guys know any "good" places to get a car inspected in Morgantown? Just took my wife's car to NTB and they are pretty picky. Small bulge in the sidewall and slightly leaking struts. The exhaust actually does have a leak if you guys know someone that can weld in Morgantown (they want to replace it cause they don't weld).


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    Well, I would definitely get the tire replaced. A bubble in your sidewall is dangerous. Especially if she does a lot of interstate driving, but with the pot holes that are still around, I wouldn't risk it.

    While I do live in Morgantown, I've always had my exhaust work done by Jack's muffler in Fairmont.

    If the other shop put a failed sticker on, then you might have a hard time getting another shop to pass it without actually fixing the problems.
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    Jack's is definitely the go-to place for exhaust work. My guess is if it's just a matter of welding a hole shut, he wouldn't charge much at all. I had Gary do a resonator delete one time and he only charged like $20. Lol. I agree with Dopey. Replace the tire.

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