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Thread: anyone going catless?

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    Default anyone going catless?

    My preference when I go to Long tube headers is to run high flow cats but was curious if anyone was catless and if there is any issues other than environmental issues with going catless in WV. know it is against the law but people still do it and was wandering how many do?

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    I've had two cars without cats. I never had any issues but they were not daily driven. My only issue was they both had a tendency to run rich when cold and you could definitely smell it without the cats.

    You will need to find someone who will work with you to get the car inspected.
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    On my SS I had long tubes, hollow cats and a SLP LM1 exhaust which is basically a muffler delete. It was extremely loud and would pop through the exhaust and did not sound very good. I would say a lot of it was the muffler delete though. With that said, I have cat delete pipes to install on my zl1, but the rest of the system will be stock for now. That may be a better comparison.

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    Default Re: anyone going catless?

    My last setup on the trans am was longtubes with true duals, an x-pipe and one-chambers out back. I had a TV2 cam and it sounded AMAZING. Zero drone, zero rasp and a deep throaty rumble. My truck with the stock cats and manifolds, on the other hand... With a 2 into 1 custom catback with an Aeroturbine 3030xl, If I rev it over 2500, it sounds like what I imagine Godzilla farting would sound like. The drone is ungodly at the moment too, but that's mostly because of the side exhaust setup. I traded it for the stock catback, with the plans of converting it to a dump at the rear axle, which seems to clear up alot of drone in the Silverados. After that, I'm going to play it by ear on if I want to keep the Aeroturbine, or switch it out too. Everyone who has them, seems to love them, but I'm still on the fence, mainly because it sounds like it's about 3 notes higher than it should be, and I like a deep tone.

    As for the Loudmouths... They sound great with the stock manifolds and cats. As soon as you lose the cats though, they do sound like poop. Before the true duals, I had a LM1 on my Trans AM and it sounded pretty nice too. The exact same catback was on Steve Moneypenny's car, only behind a set of Pacesetters, and it sounded bad enough to where he traded me straight up for my muffler shop special....which really did sound good on his with the LT's

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