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Thread: New, but not really!

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    I've been around for a while and am on most local forums. I've got an 06 Evo IX and a 99 Legacy L. Legacy is stock other than DVD player for the kids and a remote start lol. The IX currently has the following, but is going over to Andrew at Frontline Fabrication for a built motor in February.

    3" Turbo Back (Catless)
    Perrin Intake
    Perrin MBC
    FIC 1050's
    Walbro 255
    Ported Turbo
    Ported Exhaust Manifold
    MAP 02 Housing
    GSC S1 Cams
    AGP 3.5" FMIC
    ETS Intercooler Piping (Short Route)
    ETS Mini Battery
    MR Shocks
    Eibach Lowering Springs
    Evo X Wheels (Summer)

    The car made a respectable 365WP/355TQ on TPG's Mustang. Tuning was done by Nate. Glad to be here and hope to more active in the car scene this year.

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    St_evo is familiar, have seen the name in past. Welcome on WVstreets.
    Adam K
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    Thanks! Good to be here!

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    Sent from Scooterville compliments of the Green Bastard

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    Glad to have ya. I'm hoping the car scene picks back up some, in general, this summer.

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