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Thread: '06 Z06 for sale

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    Default '06 Z06 for sale

    Selling my car if anyone knows someone looking.

    '06 Z06
    13,100 miles
    2lz with heated seats
    car is in great shape
    Paxton 1500 on 8lbs
    A2A intercooler
    Alky meth kit
    Kooks LT's with high flow cats
    Heads done by Rich at WCCH (All the LS7 fixes and ported)
    RPS BC2 full carbon twin clutch
    PFADT 4 pt cage
    60lb inj
    Muffler mod and controller
    Upgraded half shafts
    Boost and ARF gauge
    345/30/19 NTO5R's on the rear

    I just had it retuned to 100% meth and it made 703/693. On 50/50 it made 624/607 I just had the car on a scale last friday and it weighed exactly 3100lbs someone. The only thing I do not have on the car is a rear sway bar. Not sure how it is so light considering it should weigh 3150 stock without the supercharger/cage/ect.

    The car is Fing fast and drives around like a bone stock car besides the clutch can be jumpy in reverse until you get used to it. It has been a best of 9.81 in the 1/4 mile but is a 9.6 car with a good driver. I race the car once a year. The 9.81 was on a 1.63 which is horrible for that car. I made 6 passes last week and all but two of them were in the 9's. Best trap for the car was 146.7. Pics to come.

    $47k firm.

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    Default Re: '06 Z06 for sale

    Bump for a 9 sec car!

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    Default Re: '06 Z06 for sale

    Dave, are you getting a new Vette? I've always loved this car, GLWS!

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