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Thread: How's everyone been?

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    Default How's everyone been?

    I have been very busy over the last year and have had very little time to socialize so I decided to start a thread. Just was wondering how my fellow wvstreets members were getting a long and let people know what is new with me.

    I recently graduated from Wyotech with courses in engine management systems 1&2, powertrain technology, chassis technology and suspension technology. My elective was high performance powertrain technology mechanical and electrical.

    I recently started working for University Motors and working as a Mitsubishi tech, but also work with Toyota techs. I might have a chance to Mercedes-Benz step program and train to also become a tech for them.

    I have finally gotten time to work on my car which really needed some TLC desperately. Over the last year or so I removed the TR3650 5 speed and replaced it with a T56 6 speed with an upgraded 26 spline input shaft a long with a Spec SFI approved billet steel flywheel and stage 3.5 clutch. I had the driveshaft shortened and replaced the slip yoke to work with the T56.

    Rebuilt the axle assembly replacing every component except the USA Alloy 31 spline forged axles I was already using. I went with the Ford racing 3.73:1 ring and pinion a long with their 31spline differential using their Kevlar clutch discs.

    I replaced most of the exhaust. I was running Mac long tube headers cut before the ball flange where the collector is still 3" to a custom made X pipe from there. Then it went to a couple dynomax bullets and dumped before the rear axle. I hated this setup from the beginning. It was to loud even for my taste, droned like crazy and caused the car to run like crap in the in the lower rpm's. The exhaust was only about 2.5' long after the O2 sensors. This caused the O2's to run to cool during low rpm cruising causing the car to switch between open and closed loop constantly.

    I also put the GT bumper back on because I was using a V6 bumper because of the dumped exhaust. I didnt want empty cut outs on the GT bumper.

    Please forgive my typos since I'm using a very crappy cell phone to excess the site.
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    Default Re: How's everyone been?

    Hey man. Good to hear from you. This place has been a ghost town for a while.

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    Default Re: How's everyone been?

    congrats on your accomplishments

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    Default Re: How's everyone been?

    Glad to hear your doing well, I have been quite busy myself.

    Congrats on graduation!
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    Default Re: How's everyone been?


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    Default Re: How's everyone been?

    great doing great.......what the... a real post from a real person...

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    Default Re: How's everyone been?

    Holy shit! This site is still up...and my account still exists!

    Congrats on the graduation Mr. Pepper. You still living in the same place? Maybe I'll have to stop by for a chat the next time I'm out riding...yeah...I went to 2 wheels.


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    Glad to hear you're doing well Jive.
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