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Thread: So.. we got rid of the Denali...

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    Default So.. we got rid of the Denali...

    Im not super happy about it. I loved the Yukon. The towing capacity was outstanding, power was great, comfort was on par. In truth, she loved it as well but it was climbing in miles and had a few issues.
    You know the adage though. Happy wife, happy life.
    She completed her BSN degree this week so she got a present for all her hard work and always letting me get all the toys first.
    It does get way better mileage then the Denali did but the towing capacity sucks obviously.

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    Default Re: So.. we got rid of the Denali...

    Atleast the Wranglers are able to get out of their own way now with the Pentastar engine. That 3.8 they had was a complete dog. Interiors on the new ones are very nice, almost doesn't seem right in a Wrangler.

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    Default Re: So.. we got rid of the Denali...

    If momma ain't happy... Ain't nobody happy. Good move man.

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    Default Re: So.. we got rid of the Denali...


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