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Thread: 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit

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    Default 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit

    We've been tired of borrowing vehicles to haul stuff for the house. I'm not driving a truck so we decided on the Jeep and it can pull a trailer when we need to. So the Mazda 6 headed down the road.

    I really do love this thing so far. I've always thought the Grand Cherokees were the best looking SUV's and it has all the technology and features possible. Adaptive cruise control has completely spoiled me. I only wish the air suspension would let you keep it on the high or low settings while driving at highway speeds. It goes back to either normal ride height or lowers 0.5" above 65 or while in Sport Mode.

    Can't complain on power of the 5.7. It feels better mated to the 8 speed. Ordered a complete Corsa catback already and will grab a tune from Johan at Diablosport sometime in the future. I've seen a few guys get low 14's with a few mods which isn't bad at all for what it is.

    Debadged and currently getting the front windows tinted.


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    Default Re: 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit

    Very nice! My wife has been keeping an eye out for a replacement for her Envoy and has one of these picked out. I hate to tell her this but I just picked up a new DD so she might need to wait a year.

    Let me know your likes and dislikes about your new toy.

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    Default Re: 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit

    Very nice, that is a decent sleeper at a low 14.

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    Default Re: 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit

    Looks good. Congrsts

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