Ford has dropped the top on details behind the new Mustang convertible!
The 2015 Ford Mustang convertible goes beyond simply chopping the top off of the car. Both cars were designed and engineered separately, allowing for subtle visual differences as well as allowing the convertible model to truly stand on its own.
“From the start, we committed to giving Mustang convertible a unique look from the fastback with the clean, cohesive design it deserved ,” said Joel Piaskowski, exterior design director, in a statement. “From the raised and straightened muscle line on the rear haunches to the recontoured trunklid, the new Mustang convertible has a more linear quality whether the top is up or down, giving the car its own distinct presence on the road.”

The hallmark of the new Mustang convertible is an all-new roof system. A new electromechanical drive and single latch makes the drop-top process one-handed, quieter, and faster. Drivers can have the wind in their hair in half the time of the outgoing model!
“When you’re sitting in the driveway or at a traffic light and you decide you want to enjoy some sunshine, you shouldn’t have to wait around for the top to lower,” said Pericak. “Our team worked to engineer a retractable roof that gets out of the way or closes up quickly and quietly.”

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