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Thread: 04 SVT Cobra

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    Quote Originally Posted by levilz View Post
    coming from the slow/blown up LS peanut gallery I'll take that as a complement
    I just demodded the old LS1 a little...that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by levilz View Post
    Anyone else think two Mustang guys talking about who is slower is like two retards arguing over who is retardeder, LMAO!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedracer View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthless View Post
    I highly recommend Street Lethal or Tim's shop. Both will get anything you could need and I cant say a bad thing about either shop.

    What mods are you looking at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedracer View Post
    Black is the best color.
    Its just not the fastest. jk
    Tim is hours closer... Your perception of fast is blurred by thinking that you can only drive that way in a straight line.
    He can only go in a straight line, with an ox cart axle, and an automatic transmission turns are hard.
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