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Thread: New fun project --Honda TRX300FW'S -- redo

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    Default New fun project --Honda TRX300FW'S -- redo

    I had an old Honda TRX300FW that is pretty much ragged out but the engine still runs good .
    I wanted to get a couple of four wheelers for grand kids and myself. So I picked up another TRX300FW and I figure I'll fix them up for us to ride. And I'm looking for a parts bike.
    I figure if I'm going to be running two 4 wheelers that are just a like I might as well have a parts bike also (cheap one) The bike I just bought ran great and the rear end had just been redone.
    The bearings in the front and the brakes are shot. But the axles and suspension look good.
    The plastic body parts weren't that bad so I will reuse them on the bike that's for the kids.
    The bike I'm fixing up for myself is going to get the best of the parts. I'm sure it won't even be the end of summer before they have the fenders beat up on there bike.

    The bike I just bought I tore down and pressured washed it really good and painted the frame
    I Ordered all new breaks and wheel cylinders for all the way around. I'm waiting for the bearings for the front and rear to come in. In the mean while I'm going to be cleaning and painting checking everything out and replacing the body.
    I will post some pictures as I go along with this project.

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    Just pull the trigger and let it go,, This will work trust me. But,,you may want wear safety glasses

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    Default Re: New fun project --Honda TRX300FW'S -- redo

    Cool Looks like some fun wrenching!
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