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Thread: nitrous question

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    Default nitrous question

    Does anyone here run nitrous on a fairly stock motor? like a cold air intake and full exhaust? like no internal engine modifications done?

    how do you like it?
    has it effected your engine in a bad or good way?

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    Default Re: nitrous question

    Depends on what you're running it on, how much you're running, and how dumb of a driver you are lol.

    Only problem I've ever had w/nitrous was blowing my T5 to hell and back once. But that wasn't so much the nitrous fault as it was driver and a junk T5.
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    Robbie use to run it on his vr. I don't know if he still does. Bflaker runs it on his rsx.

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    Default Re: nitrous question

    N20 works very well on a all stock well tuned engine. I spray a wet 100hp shot on my Turbo Buick and with that engine being all stock it takes it very well, it's all Iron too though save for the stock cast pistons.
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