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Thread: Dog or gardrail..

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    Im sorry but if I see a dog or cat, Im gonna swerve. I have been on the side where our dog got hit on the highway. Its devastating. It was a total accident that she got out. No one stopped or anything to let us know that they hit her, and we found out the next morning when we saw her laying on the side of the road. I dont want to be responsible for hurting someones loved pet. Now if its a rabbit, snake or something else thats not usually something that is a pet. I wont swerve and take a chance on hurting myself or someone else. But I refuse to hit a dog.
    It's your fault it got out and you can be liable for vehicle damage I'm not swerving off the road or into oncoming traffic to save your pet and kill myself in the process.
    Well, That is just my opinion on things. I would have paid for any damages to the persons vehicle, If they just would have stopped and told me that they hit her.
    Would you have paid medical and funeral expenses too? Human trumps dog.

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    Human emotional attachment to pets goes just a little far at times.
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    Mines not that bad. I like my pets, and I dont abuse them or anything like that. I treat them like I should. It was just a devastating time, because it was on halloween, and it happened all of a sudden. She was just ripped out of my familys life at a really young age.
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