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Thread: speaker Maintenance question

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    Default speaker Maintenance question

    I have a 1994 mustang and it has the mach 460 stereo c/d system (what ever the hell that is)
    Anyways it sounds good enough for me it's a low milage car that has been in storage most of it's life.
    It sounds good now but the speakers are 18 years old. Do they get dried out or anything?
    Should I be taking the covers off and spraying anything on them?

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    Sometimes the surrounds will dry rot and kinda fall apart.
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    Default Re: speaker Maintenance question

    Would petrolium jelly help prevent rot? Ive heard you should put some on your rubber seals to keep them spry...

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    90% of the companies recommend you dont do anything like that to the speakers some even say that it will harm them i always just play them till they blow or fall apart then get new ones. Speakers are like anything else they are pretty much outdated as soon as u get them especially mach, bose, etc. Oem speakers are pretty much junk anyway so blow them and go somewhere and pick up a set of $70 speakers at walmart lol

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