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Thread: I need some advice on car cleaning products

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    Default I need some advice on car cleaning products

    Hi guys,

    I am going to enter my car in a car show and I have never done this before.
    As most of you know I keep my cars clean within reason ($2.00 spray wash)
    But I realize that for a show I will need to do some serious cleaning and detailing.
    I was asking around at the Rosebud plaza and I was told that the best cleaning and drying
    towels are the Microfiber cleaning towels. so I went to Walmart and picked some up. I figured
    while I was there I would get what I needed for the tires ,interior ,Glass cleaner ,And so on.
    Damn,,, There sure is a lot of different stuff for cleaning. What brand name stuff you get for
    detailing your cars? What works the best? Any Advice would be appreciated
    Just pull the trigger and let it go,, This will work trust me. But,,you may want wear safety glasses

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    Default Re: I need some advice on car cleaning products

    you could always cut and buff the paint but its alot of work and if you do that i suggest the mothers clay bar kit for the claybarring and 3m med and light duty compound for buffing then whichever wax you like i like meguiars. wheels use whatever you like to make em clean. as for interior stuff im sure yours is in good shape so no use for the carpet cleaning stuff and such im sure. under hood get it good and clean with whichever products you like then i always heard use wd40 to make it shine. as far as which interior products to use for shine i have used this stuff called dress all but its slick and some ppl dont like the smell plus it attracts dust in a day or 2 but for the show it would shine awesome. and as for your leather seats i would use i think its called lexol use the cleaner then the conditioner i know it makes them slick and u dont like that but it keeps them nice and they look alot better when done. just me 2 cents.
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    Default Re: I need some advice on car cleaning products

    Meguires Gold Class carwash is a good soap to use. Dawn dish soap is good if you are wanting to strip off all the wax that is currently on the car to start fresh. The Meguires is wax safe though. I'm with Roger. Clean it up good, take it to the show. When you get there, do the windows, wheels, tires and use the quick wax. to touch up since you'll likely pick up some dirt or bugs on the way.

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    Default Re: I need some advice on car cleaning products

    Nothing beats a good hand wash with 2 buckets. spray off doesn't get everything.. I like to stip all the wax, and claybar the car and buff if needed once a year. Having a black car makes life tough since I live next to a stone base road and federal highway there is always dirt in the air.

    Mcguires works great i use their ultimate wax and the quick detailer there are a lot of waxes that do a great job, it's all in what you want to spend and how much work you want to put forth.

    Kuneff (member here) has wash and wax can hook you up, there aren't very many people I'd trust to touch my car, but he is one. His shop is in fairmont. washing claybaring buffing and waxing a car is hard work.
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