Guys next week I am going to put some new rims and tires on my car. Going with 15x4 & 165/80/15 up front but the rears where I cant decide. I have decided on 275/60/15 nitto drag radials just so I can get some sort of mileage out of them, but the rims I want only come in a 4.5 Back space. With an 8" wheel I can only run 4" spacing, so I will have to run a 1/2" spacer. With a 15x10 I can run the 4.5" spacing but its going to pull most of the bulge out of the sidewalls and I more than likely going to have to break out the Big Fucking Hammer in a couple places.

What do you guys suggest? This is on my 86 4-4-2. 8" wheel and spacer, or 10" wheel and let it pull the 275 out. Also am I going to regret going with the nitto's. The Mickeys just dont seem to last long enough on something that gets driven. Car currently has 295/50/15 pulled in on a 7" wheel. If I have enough cash left over I'm gonna get some tubular arms, air bags, and shocks. Tired of blowing the tires off to the top of second gear.