Anyone here ever done this? I don't know if anyone here even has a mirage. I know that a 5g mirage rear seat is bolt-in, but the dsm seats I already have in my donor car, and are in really good shape. I know that the rear of the seat is going to be a little small/short. The bottom is going to need some new mounting spots etc. made up, but I was wondering if anyone had any pics of it done to their car, or know anyone who has done this?

The front seats I have found some info on installing into my car. It involves using 1/2 in box tubing in the front and 1 inch box tubing in the rear. Drilling new holes and buying some big body washers etc. to prevent them from ripping out the floor incase of an accident.

I'm going to be installing the fronts for sure, but not right away as tomorrow i'm going to be finishing up wiring/installing a fuel pump and a few other things.

I guess i'll keep ya posted on how it turns out, probably update the build thread I have with it as well.

Any info on any of this would be helpful. I havn't removed the rear dsm seats yet, but if someone has a set laying around and they can take a pic of the mounting brackets etc. let me kknow and post them so I can reference it without removing mine right away.