I started having an intermittent charging problem at first. I could drive it and it would be fine then the next minute it wouldn't be charging. I checked battery and alternator. Both tested good, but replaced them anyways. Checked fusable link, engine, and chassis grounds. It had got worse and worse to where it wouldn't charge at all. At first I could hit the frame under the dash and it would start charging. I tore the dash panel off and started pecking around, seemed to charge everytime that I would tap a relay. Figured out it was the Electronic Engine Control (EEC). I replaced with new EEC and it acted fine for a month. Now it's not charging again. Replaced the relay again, still nothing. There is a white box (looks like a junction box) on the same bracket as the horn relay and EEC in the circuit. I had Ford look up the part number for it. After cross-referencing it it seemed 10 times, they came up with it being called a "Buzzer." Neither the parts person or Ford tech have any idea what it is for or if it has anything to do with the charging system. After charging the battery, the only way I can get the alt to charge is by taking a test light and jumpering it over from my positive battery to the alt then releasing. It now drains down after not driving it for a week. Figure I burnt up the diode in the alt by jumpering it over from the battery after starting it. It seems as if it isn't getting a signal to tell it to charge. Once I trick it into charging , all voltages/gauges are fine until I turn off the ignition. Then back to square one. Any suggestions to where to specifically look? I have no idea when it comes to trying to diagnose wiring problems. I've called several garages to see if they could help diagnose it. Either they say the don't have the know-how or just don't want to mess with it. Anyone have any experience that might be able to help? I'm sure I could come up with some cash to pay someone to help me fix it. I live in Spring Hill, but could drive it to wherever needed. I don't have a garage.

I've asked on corral.net and svtperformance to no avail. Not one response.

The heater core went bad also. So I'm going to pull the dash to change it. Will probably start that this coming weekend. Would definitely like to find the wiring problem while I have it out.

When I pulled the cover off the steering column, I noticed spliced ignition wires also.

I'm starting to get to my wits end. It's been sitting for well over a month. Just bought wifey a new car, so picking up something else to drive right now is not gonna happen. I sold my beater when I got rid of the Shelby. So, down to one car right now and she starts back school next week. I have a work truck, but I can't park it where I live. Apartment manager doesn't want it tearing up the asphalt. So she has to take me to my truck before work then come back and get me when I get off work (2 mile trip each way). She also takes our 2 boys to school every morning. It is definitely a hassle.

So, if anyone would be able to help me out, I'd really appreciate it!