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Thread: Pretty sure I am going to the darkside

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    Default Pretty sure I am going to the darkside

    Well as most of you know, I currently ride a 2009 Kawasaki ZX-14. I have been looking around and think I have found the bike I am going to buy. I walked into the Harley dealership and saw a 2011 Night Rode Special in the sedona orange. It was love at first sight . The dealership offered to let me take the bike out for a test ride (I wish sportbike companies would let you do this). I loved the bike. The sound, the power, the feel, and most of all the comfort. I think im hooked. It also has ABS and the security package with the FOB. I am calling my credit union next week to talk to them about it and see what kind of deal I can get worked.

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    Default Re: Pretty sure I am going to the darkside

    Good luck with your purchase. You probably should check out some other cruisers if that was your first ride. I'd look at the Victory bikes, they are very nice!
    Check into Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki too. They have some very nice bikes at a fraction of Harley or Victory price.

    I have rode my 109 with lots of Harley guys who were stumped at what I spent compared to them. My maintenance is almost nothing and my engine is smooth and puts out 120ish HP and even more tq. I have 25k miles with no issues at all.

    For sure though, if you love that bike, go for it!

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    Default Re: Pretty sure I am going to the darkside

    Not to rain on your parade, but harley is an expensive name. I compare it to the corvette tax.. parts are MUCH cheaper for a camaro.. same engine. but when it's "for" a corvette mo $$

    a susuki with a nice exhaust sounds quite sweet also. and you don't have to sit around blipping the throttle all the time to keep it running lol. harley's have come a long way though just lots of $$
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