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Thread: new window tint law sucks

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    shit that sent before i was done. anyway that was a general reply. brandon i mentioned you because you had said something about checking things along the road

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    Default Re: new window tint law sucks

    lol. I was just trying to make a point about obvious violations, and not so obvious violations. I know exactly what you mean. Just out of curiousity Larry, how many of the NFPD's car's have illegal tint? We were sent a letter from the State Police saying they were cracking down on police cars with illegal tint. They pretty much said that only K-9 units could have the limo tint. I seriously doubt they are really going to enforce it, but I thought it was funny that they actually pointed it out to all the stations. lol

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    I just run the limit myself. I don't need any trouble. Ive got better things to worry about than my tint. Which reminds me my tint is 9 years old and starting to peel, i'd say thats a pretty good run.

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