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Thread: needing a little help

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    Default needing a little help

    Whats up guys been a good while i know lol..
    All i get done now is well work, I got rid of all my vehicles, that i had posted on here, just got two now.

    2011 Chevy
    89 Chevy

    honestly Love em both.

    I wasnt to pleased with the 2011 because when i went to dealership, i just had them try and finance me for the cheapest truck they had, i wanted just reg cab, 4x4. Well i got a reg cab, 4x4, v6.

    I bargained and tried with them for 3 hours to get me a v8 but the only way i was able to get a v8 was to pay the difference inbetween the trucks and the v8 was 4k more. So i said where do i sign with the v6 lol.

    but ive went out and been thinking about getting dual exhaust put on, but honestly dont think it will sound good, every1 at work said it'll sound fine, but i think its gonna be this high pitched non sense and i dont want none of that.

    So here is where i need yall..

    what can you get to put on a v6 with duals to give it that deep rumble?

    lemme know.


    ill try to get some pics of new trucks tommorow n let yall see
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    Default Re: needing a little help

    cat back magnaflow would sound good. I had a custom 3" cat back with a magnaflow muffler on my 4.0 V6 ranger back in the day and it sounded good. I have put a magnaflow muffler on all my vehicles ever since.

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    Default Re: needing a little help

    ^ yes! Magnaflow has been the company i have used on my old monte carlo, and i loved the sound of it. I recommend the.them to everyone that is looking for a new exhaust. Borla sounds good with a v8, and i hate flowmaster
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    Default Re: needing a little help

    Welcome back! I'd honestly leave it stock and make an extra payment or 2. You'll probably appreciate that v6 after the gas prices go up more.

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    Default Re: needing a little help

    on the + side the v6 will sound like a viper truck
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