Just did the sound deadening in the car. I got BXT RAAMmat, BXT II and Ensolite from Raam Audio and couldn't be happier.

I wanted to kill the sound a little and cool down the tunnel as it got the back seat area pretty warm. I only got enough to do the hatch area, the tunnel and the inner and outter panels of the doors, because I do race the car and wanted to keep the weight down as much as possible. Total weight added was only 28 lb. but it still made a world of difference. Now my wife and child can actually ride with me now, lol. Even when they don't, I can talk on the phone or listen to the radio. Anyone who has rode in my car since the headers and 1-chambers went on knows that means it made a decent difference. I'll probably order a little more and do a 2nd layer in the hatch later on.

Anyway, this product is superior to any of the other deadeners I've had experience with in performance. At the same time, it is lighter, cheaper and easier to apply than the others that I've dealt with too. The owner, Rick is awesome to deal with also. He talks to you directly and lets you know exactly what you need for your specific wants. I told him I only wanted what would be the best mix of sound/heat deadening and saving weight and he did the research to get me the exact amount of what I wanted without trying to haggle me into getting more than necessary. I'd highly recommend him and his product to anyone who is doing a high end audio system, or who just wants to quiet or cool down their vehicle.

Here is his sight.