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Thread: 600, 750, or liter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuneff View Post
    I ended up getting a 2000 or 2001 (can't remember what it is) Ninja ZX-7R. I got it to make a cross country trip on this summer. Pacific Coast Highway and back... doing some sight seeing along the way... :D

    But next summer... I will be looking to find another low milage 07 750 in the silver and graphite color again. I am hooked on it. I just gotta find one with super low miles. I will probably use it for street riding, and some track.. and my SXV will be just the Track Day Whore.
    We are gearing up for a West Coast trip in summer of '11. Thats something i've always wanted to do. The farthest i've ever ridden was to Myrtle on my '04 Gixxer. Next year i will be on a touring bike. Good luck and give updates.
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    I decided to keep my bike for a while. I'm buying a different car instead. I'll be picking up a 750 more than likely next winter after I graduate and get a job

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    Good choice, the 750 gsxr is the best choice for value/perfomance combined.

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    I'd say the 750 is probably the best all around streetbike. Is very flickable and has good power. The Duc are nice but more of a status symbol. Wait til you would have to do a valve service on it. Hope you have lots of $$$$ to just throw away!!!! Would I love to have a 1098?....hell yea. But am more than satisfied with my Busa. Is comfy with more hp/torque than I'll ever use on the street. Can't wait to get it to the track. Would like to pick up an air shifter setup for it.
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