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Thread: Barber Motorsports Park turn-by-turn

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    Default Barber Motorsports Park turn-by-turn

    Audi Club had an HPDE at Barber Halloween weekend. Saturday morning was wet, but that afternoon and Sunday turned dry and pleasant. This was my first time on this track, but it was outstanding. The landscaping and hidden sculptures around the area make the entire area interesting. There's also the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, which I was unfortunately only able to spend 20 minutes running through on my way home on Sunday. Their collection and display is amazing.

    The track is decently tight, and the longest straight is under 1600' long. The elevation changes make it seem like a roller coaster ride, however, and many of the turn complexes can be taken with a single turn of the wheel. Most of the hard braking zones are also downhill.

    We were able to do a self-paced track walk during lunch on Sunday. Here are some thoughts on the track turn-by-turn.

    Turn 1. This turn can be taken pretty quickly, and I was leaving speed here throughout the weekend. Track out to the right, then get back to the left by the top of the hill to prepare for the next turn.

    Looking back up the hill to turn 1:

    Turns 2 and 3 are one arc, and can be set up by staying along the left-hand sealant and slowly closing into the late apex.

    Looking backwards from turn 2:

    Turn 4 is at the end of this short uphill run. It apexes on the crest of the hill, and you want to aim at the inside of the track at the crest so you can stay on the road when you get to the top of the hill.

    Looking backwards from turn 4:

    Turn 5 is at the end of another short straight and another downhill braking zone. The apex is late, and you can quickly open the wheel to accelerate down the next short straight. I feel I was consistently overslowing here, too. The famous spider sculpture is past the gravel trap.

    Looking backwards up the hill towards turn 5's braking zone:

    Apex of turn 5b:

    Turn 6 and the short straight to the Museum turn complex:

    This is the turn-in for turn 7. Once the right-hand turn is completed, one can make a pretty straight line through 7a and 7b down the steep hill to turn 8.

    I was having trouble with this complex until my instructor suggested lining my left tire up with the inside sealant and letting that take the car around the turn.

    The bottom of the track is two straights separated by the turn 9-10 kink.

    Turn in relatively early for 9, then apex 10 late and drift out to the left side of the track.

    Another downhill braking zone for turns 11 and 12. Apex late going up the hill and drift over to the left to set yourself up for the right-hand turn 13 on the other side.

    Turn 13:

    Turn 14. Track out to the left after this turn to prepare for the sharp 14a.

    14a. Those tire marks in the grass made handy references, as I wanted to turn early on the left-hand curbing and cut back to the right after apexing 14a to prepare for turn 15 onto the front straight.

    The idea behind this turn is to get onto the curbing early, let the car settle, and execute your turn without braking. My instructor was not wholly successful in getting me to make this turn without braking.

    And then back to the front straight:

    Putting everything together looks like this. Comments and criticism are welcome.
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    Default Re: Barber Motorsports Park turn-by-turn

    wow, that looks like an awsome track!

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    Default Re: Barber Motorsports Park turn-by-turn

    that looks like alot of fun

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