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    OK, so i cheaped out and bought a smittybilt XRC8 winch for the tracker a while back, even though lots of people told me not to fuck with anything but a warn. I got the winch, ive used it a bunch of times and been very happy with it. Its really slow, but it could pull my tracker up a cliff, and it works nice.

    So I was good until last night, the relay failed on me while i was high centered on a big pile of dirt. So pissed off me had to rip the thing apart and short the wires to get out.

    This morning I called smittybilt, thinking I was gonna have to start world war 3 to get a new relay out of them. Not hardly. The guy didnt even ask me for a serial number or anything, just got my address and said it will be here next week sometime. It was maybe the best customer service Ive ever got from anyone.

    So anyway, dont be scared to buy some Smittybilt stuff, they definitely back up their shit!
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    customer service will def. make or break a company and to me sounds like they have great customer service...

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