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Thread: MAGSTAR Racing plug wires

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    Default MAGSTAR Racing plug wires

    Plug wires are crazy expensive for Tibs, as much as $250!! I found these for $57.95 about a year ago and Driverreturnsonfoot helped me install them. Believe it or not but $57 for plug wires are cheap for my car.

    (excuse the engine bay, looks like ass in these old pics)

    I just purchased a set of Magstar 8.5mm racing plug wires from (get this) Advance Auto parts for only $57.95. I installed them last weekend and they fit great! The quality is really good and they look really good, I do not see any sense in spending more $$ for plug wires unless you want the extra spark of the nology hotwires. I am really happy with these and even more happy with the price.

    Here is the link, just get the part number for the color you want (red, blue, yellow) and call your local store and have them to order them. (no shipping costs, delivered next day).
    The Magstar Racing® series is a new line of wire sets made specifically for extreme temperature race applications as well as Show Cars. Made with Magstar's exclusive 100 ohms per foot ignition wire to deliver the maximum available energy while suppressing Radio Frequency Interference and Electro Magnetic Interference. No other wire can deliver this much energy while absolutely preventing interference with computerized engine controls and sensitive audio equipment.

    Tuner Performance Guaranteed featuring:

    * Ultra Low Resistance Ignition Cable - 100 Ohms per Foot * Super Inductor …Most Induction of all of The Low Resistance Wires * 8.5mm Double Silicon Construction * Custom Original Equipment Specific Fit

    Here are a few photos of them installed. Excuse the dirty engine bay, this was after pulling the supercharger off and replacing the plugs/wires.

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    Default Re: MAGSTAR Racing plug wires

    Yea Tim i just got some for my neon and they look great and i can tell a difference

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    Default Re: MAGSTAR Racing plug wires

    I've used them on my older 4cyl Mazda's (the Protege 5s my wife and I used to have) and they work fine.

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